Last opportunities to gain points

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As the nights draw in and the frosts begin, Cumberland and Westmorland Wrestling, perversely, heads for the hills for its last events. Only three remain of the 2009 Grass Season. Tomorrow, Alwinton Border Shepherds' Show, lost in the Cheviot foothills will attract an unfeasibly large crowd, whilst simultaneously, in the deepest of the Lakeland valleys, Wasdale Head Show, will also be based round a sheep show, fell-running, hound trails and wrestling. Last of all in a fortnight will be Buttermere Show with the same recipe, but perched half way up a mountain.

These are the last opportunities to gain points towards the Wrestling Association trophies for the most successful wrestlers of the 2009 season, which will be presented at the CWWA Dinner on November 6 th . Every time a wrestler is first, second or third he or she gains points towards the trophy. Of course, wins score highest, but the system rewards persistence and a big mileage as well.

In the sixties wrestlers simply went into hibernation when the season ended if they were not part of Kendal Academy , the only club still meeting in that decade. Year by year the winter programme has improved since then: ;there are now five active academies throughout the North; the Academy Shield has been successfully revived after a gap; and the Annual Dinner brings wrestlers, organisers and fans together each year.

International contacts add further interest in the winter month: the Scots will hold their Youth Championships in November; the Icelanders have made an approach about closer contacts and the possibility of borrowing a coach early next year Is it possible to get one person from England to come to Iceland maybe next spring to teach back-hold (over one weekend)?

And of course, the Bretons also have interesting offers: Dear friends, we hopefully will have 3 events in Brittany at which we will be delighted to see you in the first part of 2010: in early February, the Breton back hold championship in Guipavas; on the 3,4 of April, the espoirs and female championship in Saint Brieuc; on the first days of June, some wrestlers from your association will be invited for the 80th year of the FALSAB, the Breton traditional games association which included wrestling for a long time. For this last event, could you send to me if you could be able to send some wrestlers? No travel and accommodation charge for them. Best regards, Jean-Francois Hubert

The least successful balloon race ever. Alwinton Show in 1995


All this and the Academy Shield in early December at Bootle means that no wrestler need be without a goal during the quiet season.

I have attended Alwinton Show every year since I was a toddler in 1946 (Except for when I was in Australia judging cattle in 2003) and still get a buzz out of the event with its big ring, big crowd, the wrestling and the craic. Wrestlers have to be there earlier this year to make a sharp start, perhaps to make sure that the ring is not taken over by a plague of terriers or balloons halfway through the action.

Carlisle Wrestling Club begins its indoor training sessions for Juniors and Seniors in the Gym at Currock House each Wednesday at 7.45pm, beginning on Wednesday, 14th October. The class is open to all ages but younger children must be accompanied by an adult. Costs are minimal




Saturday, 10th October 12.30 Alwinton Show U10/U13/U15/U21/11 ½ /14/AW

4pm Wasdale Head Show U11/U12/U13/U15/U18/10 ½ /12/AW

Friday, 6th November Wrestling Association Presentation Dinner, The Auctioneer, Carlisle (Tickets from Board Members)

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