6 championships in the hands of 3 prize-winners

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The wrestling season suddenly goes from the hyperactivity of the Grasmere period with nine events in eight days leading into September to the gaps in the programme and the plummeting entries of the end of the month. Nevertheless, there were two events last Saturday, and both were called Eskdale Show: one at Langholm in the Borders of Scotland, and the other in, well, Eskdale just South of Wasdale in West Cumbria .

Looks painful: Richard Fox inside-hipes at LangholmThe show at Langholm was not over-endowed with entries, but there were enough to make it interesting. Local lads pushed the trained wrestlers hard in the boys' events, but Thomas Gibson of Southwaite kept his cool and his technique to add another win to his growing list at Under 12 Years. Jack Brown of Haydon Bridge made a bad start when he lost the first fall of the Under 15 Years, but he rallied, used his head against some stronger lads and won his own age group and the Under 18s, too.

Once the senior wrestlers made their entry, there was less hope for the novices. John Harrington of Bewaldeth All attention for the girls wrestling from Alf Harrington (commentator), Joe Harrington (referee), and Cyril Bragg (CWWA past President)took care and time and sudden action to fell Andrew Carlile of Carlisle in the first round of the 12 stones, but after that he was less challenged felling young Jack Brown in the semi-final and the local entrant, Ashley Hay in the final with outside-hipe and twists.

The prize-list of the All Weights would have graced any event, with six championships in the hands of the three prize-winners. Best endowed with titles is Richard Fox of Hethersgill, who holds the 13st, 14st and 15 stones challenge trophies, and he made his weight and confidence tell. Even when he missed with an ambitious attempt at a swinging inside-click in the last bout of the day, he had put John Harrington so far off balance that he succumbed to Fox's twists.

Prizewinners: Back row (l to r): Andrew Carlile, Jack Brown, John Harrington and Richard Fox. First left in front row is Under 12s winner Thomas Gibson

Eskdale in West Cumbria had a poor show of wrestlers, with only the Hayhurst brothers from Natland travelling any distance to compete. Their ambition was well rewarded. Big brother, William, the Under 15 Champion won both boys events and wrestled up in the All Weights to a big shepherd, T Postlethwaite, fresh from the sheep pens. Younger brother James took a notable scalp in winning the 12 stones by felling Ashley Killip, a clever wrestler from the Waberthwaite Academy .

Plans for the winter are afoot. Carlisle Wrestling Club's Annual General Meeting will be held next Wednesday evening at Currock House to organise the training and competitions on the indoor mats. Anyone interested in the sport in the Carlisle area is heartily invited.


Langhom Show

Under 12 Years 1, T Gibson; 2, L Johnston ; 3, N McLeish . Under 15 Years 1, J Brown; 2, M Poole ; 3, D Massey. Under 18 Years 1, J Brown; 2, M Booth; 3, C Brown. Girls 1, E Black 2, L Platt; 3, A Ewer. 12st 1, John Harrington; 2, A Hay; 3, J Brown. All Weights 1, R Fox; 2, John Harrington; 3, A Carlile.

Eskdale Show

Under 15 Years 1, W Hayhurst ; 2, J Hayhurst. Under 18 Years 1, W Hayhurst; 2, S Denwood . 10 ½ st 1, S Denwood ; 2, C Naylor. 12st: 1 J Hayhurst; 2 A Killip All Weights 1, T Postlethwaite; 2, W Hayhurst .


Under 9 Years 1, H Bertram; 2, D Wilson; 3, A Law. Under 12 Years 1, Joe Hale; 2, A Wragg; 3, O Ewart. Under 15 Years 1, J Brown; 2, Joe Hale; 3, J Rogerson. Under 18 Years 1, Jack Hale; 2, J Brown; 3, C Carlyle. Novices 1, J Wragg; 2, C Carlyle; 3, R Sharkey. Girls 1, G Porter; 2, N Aspin; 3, E Davidson.


Wednesday, 7 th Oct 8pm Carlisle Wrestling Club AGM, Currock House

Saturday, 10 th Oct 12.30 Alwinton Show U10/U13/U15/U21/11 ½ /14/AW

4pm Wasdale Head Show U11/U12/U13/U15/U18/10 ½ /12/AW

Friday, 6 th Nov Wrestling Association Presentation Dinner, The Auctioneer, Carlisle (Tickets from Board Members)

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