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The biggest wrestling news this week is what did not take place rather than what did. The Cumberland Show cancellation meant that two centuries of Carlisle wrestling on the banks of the River Eden was put on hold for another year.

Two other events not affected by imminent flooding took place last Sunday. Great Eccleston Show, the only wrestling venue left in Lancashire , was a little bit paddly according to the wrestling organiser, David Parsons, but the wrestling took place with a mixture of experienced wrestlers and locals from the crowd. No-one is more experienced than Joe Threlfall of Preston , and he used that and his weight to control the youthful exuberance of 13st Champion Graham Brocklebank of Warton to win the All Weights. Brocklebank had already felled Stuart Mason from Milnthorpe in the 13st final. In the 11 ½ stones the locals had a clear run and Ryan Kearney was a first time winner. In the Ladies Open wrestling Tracy Hodgson of Dentdale returned to the ring after time off, and put her younger sisters in their place.


The wrestling at Coniston followed a similar pattern with some good boy wrestlers in the lists, but

a distinct shortage of senior wrestlers. That vacuum was filled by James Park of Lindal, who fells trees during the week and felled wrestlers galore in the 11 ½ and 13 stones categories to gain a creditable double.

The heavyweight final was a replay of previous years when Stuart Fleming and Thomas Brocklebank had prodigious struggles. This time Brocklebank prevailed with two back-heels, though Fleming did get a consolation middle fall with a cross-buttock.



William Hayhurst continued his good run in the Under 15 events, the Atkinson brothers Michael and William added greatly to the entertainment without taking much prizemoney, and Joe Thompson travelled all the way from Alston to win again on the shores of Lake Coniston .

A remarkable week of wrestling is in prospect with seven events in eight days. The under 18 event at Penrith Show has been given an extra £100 by a couple who are keen wrestling supporters. My wife and I lived in New York for three years and, while it was fashionable in the summer togo out to the Hamptons, we always timed our return to the UK to coincide with the Penrith Show!!! Ambleside Sports is celebrating 200 years with the 14st Championship, and the next day is the All Weights World Championship at Langholm Common Riding.


Coniston Country Fair

Under 12 Years: 1, T Gibson; 2, S Wilson; 3, G Wilson .

Under 15 Years: 1, W Hayhurst ; 2, T Gibson; 3, S Brown.

Under 18 Years: 1, J Thompson; 2, W Hayhurst ; 3, M Atkinson.

Ladies Open: 1, C Wilson ; 2, M Gibson; 3, A Beswick.

11 ½ st: 1, J Park; 2, C Naylor; 3, M Atkinson.

13st: 1, J Park; 2, B Dodgson; 3, C Naylor.

All Weights 1, T Brocklebank; 2, S Fleming; 3, W Hayhurst .

Great Eccleston Show

Under 12 Years: 1, J Lashley; 2, C Williams.

Under 15 Years: 1, B Brocklebank; 2, J Thornton ; 3, R Hughes.

Under 18 Years: 1, S Mason; 2, B Brocklebank; 3, R Kearney .

Ladies Open: 1, T Hodgson 2, C Hodgson; 3, H Hodgson.

11 ½ st: 1, R Kearney ; 2, B McLaughlin; 3, B Brocklebank.

13st: 1, G Brocklebank; 2, S Mason; 3, B McLaughlin.

All Weights: 1, J Threlfall; 2, G Brocklebank; 3, B McLaughlin.


Saturday, 25th July 1pm Penrith Show U12/U15/U18/11 ½ /13/AW/Girls

Sunday 26th July 12 noon Flookburgh U12/ U15/U18/11½/13/AW/Girls

Thurs 30th July 1pm Ambleside U12/U15/U18/11 ½ /12 ½ /14st Championship/AW.

Friday 31st July 2.30pm Langholm Common U12/ U16/11½/13/All Weights Championship

Saturday 1st August 1pm Cockermouth Show U12/ U15/U18/11½/13/AW

2.30pm Powburn U10/U13/U16/11 ½ /13 ½ /AW

Sunday 2 nd August 1pm Gilsland U14/U18/11 ½ /13 ½ /AW

Thursday 6 th Aug 3pm Ings U12/U15/U18/12/AW/Costume

Written by © Roger Robson. Photographs by © Roger Robson, Julian Richardson or Linda Scott (February 10th 2011)

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