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Two very senior wrestlers had a good weekend at the Roman Wall Show and Morpeth Town Fair. The prize for keenness must go to Joe Threlfall who travelled from Preston to Northumberland on successive days and registered his first win of the season in the All Weights at The Roman Wall Show. The prize for outright success must go to Carlisle coach, Alan Jones, who was on sprightly form to keep his young protégés under control and win both middleweight events.

The advice to young wrestlers confronting Joe Threlfall for the first time is to keep moving at all costs, and watch out for the twist over the right knee. That worked well at Morpeth for Jack Hale who had quick enough feet and enough strength to find the telling last twist. But at The Roman Wall Threlfall was totally in control, winning most of his falls with the outside-hipe.

Alan Jones must have enjoyed himself, not just by winning twice, but also by winning in such swashbuckling style. Time was when he was always ultra cautious in the ring, but he is no longer the wrestler with stamina to spare, so he has to get on with the job, and that means swinging hipes. In the 13½ st final at the Roman Wall he swung Richard Dixon to put him off balance and then chested him down. In the final of the 13½ st at Morpeth he took John Harrington away on a swing straight into an outside stroke for his best fall of the weekend.

Jones was not the only wrestler to win at both events, for Thomas Gibson of Southwaite won the Under 10s in grand style and went ahead against the brilliant Northumbrian lad, Joe Hale in the final of the Under 13s at Morpeth.

Richard Dixon and John Harrington both secured victories as well as providing the high level of skill which pleases the crowd and makes the other wrestlers raise their game. Dixon was losing finalist twice at the Roman Wall, and was given the cup for the best performance of the day.

Joe Thompson made a welcome return to the ring after breaking his ankle on the mats at Carlisle during the winter. He won the Under 17s against the lively Jacob Wragg. At Morpeth Andrew Ord confirmed his status as the 14st Champion when he felled Robert Leiper with a finishing back-heel in the final of the 15½ st, and Richard Younger made one of his unassailable sorties into the ring when he waded through the opposition including Duncan Crazy Horse Hutton in the All Weights final.


Roman Wall Show

Under 10 Years 1, T Gibson; 2, L Messer; 3, B Moralee.

Under 13 Years 1, J Burns; 2, J Rogan; 3, A Barker.

Under 17 Years 1, J Thompson; 2, J Wragg; 3, C Moore .

Females 1, S Wall 2, M Gibson; 3, A Marsden.

11½ st 1, John Harrington; 2, R Dixon ; 3, W Noimai .

13½ st 1, A Jones; 2, R Dixon ; 3, John Harrington.

All Weights 1, J Threlfall; 2, John Harrington; 3, M Messer.

Best Performance trophy: Richard Dixon

Morpeth Town Fair

Under 10 Years 1, T Gibson; 2, J Wright; 3, C Whitfield.

Under 13 Years 1, Joe Hale; 2, T Gibson; 3, G Aynsley.

Under 16 Years 1, J Brown; 2, M Thompson; 3, Joe Hale.

Under 18 Years 1, Jack Hale; 2, J Wragg; 3, N Birdsall .

Girls 1, D Gibson; 2, M Gibson; 3, S Stafford .

11½ st 1, R Dixon ; 2, A Carlile; 3, J Wragg.

13½ st 1, A Jones; 2, John Harrington; 3, R Dixon .

15½ st 1, A Ord; 2, R Leiper; 3, J Ewart.

All Weights 1, R Younger; 2, D Hutton; 3, Jack Hale.


Saturday 20th June 2pm Kirkheaton U12,U15,U18,12,15,AW

Sunday 21st June 2pm Rothbury Vintage Show U10,U13,U18,11.5,14,AW

1pm Silloth Vintage Rally U12/U15/U18/11 ½ /13/AW

Sunday 28th June Patterdale Lakeland Country Fair

Written by © Roger Robson. Photographs by © Roger Robson, Julian Richardson or Linda Scott (February 10th 2011)

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