The Governing Board had plenty of applications for Championships this year.....

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Russell Housby of Silloth with the All Weights Championship trophy which he won at Cockermouth last year. Alongside him is the Runner-up, Joseph Robson of Grayrigg

Heavyweight Champion Russell Housby will have to travel into Scotland to defend his world title. Langholm Common Riding, celebrating 250 years, will host the CWWA All Weights Championship.

The Governing Board had plenty of applications for championships this year, a good sign of optimism after the soggy debacle of a summer we had last year. Although there is minimum prize-money set to safeguard the importance of the championships, there is never a bidding war, and the championships are allocated to large and small events equally. Langholm's 250 th anniversary was probably a factor in their successful application for the heavyweight championship.

Ambleside Sports, the day before Langholm is also celebrating an anniversary, a mere two centuries in their case, and they, too, have been awarded a championship, the 14 stones. This juxtaposition of events gives a peculiar problem to the likes of Joseph Robson, who has ambitions to take off a few pounds to regain the 14st Championship which he has held several times in the past. The worst possible scenario for him would be to starve himself for the 14 stones, only to be weighed out, and then left uncompetitive for the All Weights championship, the following day.

Another pairing of championships on successive days occurs in early September when the 15 stones will be wrestled indoors on the mats on a Friday evening at Rothbury Mart and, on the Saturday at Harbottle, just up the Coquet valley, Andrew Carlile will defend his 10 ½ st title. We can only hope that we will not need boating equipment to reach the event this year.

County Durham hosts one championship, the 13 stones at Stanhope Show in mid September. Stanhope struggles to attract wrestlers because it is distant from the wrestling hotspots, and held at a time of year immediately after the glut of events at the end of August and beginning of September when wrestlers can accumulate injuries and travel fatigue.. A championship is a good way to boost the numbers and encourage the Show to keep sponsoring wrestling.

The first championship event is imminent, for the Under 18 Years/10st event will be held on the first day of the new Grass Season, at the Hethersgill Vintage Society rally at Carlisle Airport . The Under 15 Years championship at Beetham, South of Kendal will need some nifty travel arrangements for some of the competitors and officials, for it coincides with Dalston Show, so an early start there will be essential.

CWWA World Championships 2009
All Weights Langholm Common Riding Friday, 31st July
15st Rothbury Mart Friday, 4th September
14st Ambleside Sports Thursday, 30th July
13st Stanhope Show Sunday, 13th September
12st Gosforth Show Saturday, 15th August
11st Forestburngate Sunday, 9th August
10 ½ st Harbottle Show and Sports Saturday, 5th September
Under 18 Years Westmorland County Show Thursday, 10th September
Under 18 Years/10st Hethersgill Vintage Rally Sunday, 3rd May
Under 15 Years Beetham Sports Saturday, 8th August
Under 15 Years/8st Skelton Show Saturday, 4th July


24 th and 25 th April IFCW European Championships, East Kilbride

Saturday 25 th April, Milnthorpe Open Night 7.30pm at the Milnthorpe Junior Football Pavilion

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