Carlisle Wrestling Club's final Junior Points Night

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Carlisle Wrestling Club's final Junior Points Night resolved a series of close run races for the much-prized individual trophies. We even had two wrestlers in serious contention even though hors de combat through injury. Joe Thompson had dominated the Under 15 Years until he broke his ankle. In the end Jack Brown overtook his total by a single point to put his name on the trophy.

The other injured wrestler fared better. Joe Coates of Gilsland had won three Under 12 Years categories with panache, but was absent on the last night with a damaged hand. Philip Potts' excellent win on the last night brought him within a point of Coates, but that was not enough to change the destiny of the trophy.

The converse happened in the girls' section, for Katie Brown was the dominant wrestler this year, but she missed one November session and that meant that Dawn Gibson won the trophy by a single point.

Jack Brown, winner of the best performance trophy, and Kieron MillerClosest of all was the 8½ stones where two wrestlers, Paul Murray and Jack Brown, were on ten points. The tension lasted the whole way for the two of them found themselves pitted against each other in the final. Murray scored first as he fought to gain hold. Brown resisted and then was twisted sharply back over. The second hold followed the same pattern but Murray pushed too hard for hold and Brown stepped right across him and cross-buttocked. In the decider the same battle for hold took place, but this time Murray repeated the ploy which won the first fall and changed direction to twist Brown back over once more.




Jack Brown of Haydon BridgeJack Brown may have lost that skirmish, but later he fought back in the 10 stones and the Under 15 Years to be awarded the trophy for the best performance of the nightJack Brown, winner of the best performance trophy, and Kieron Miller

Early in the proceedings, the Miller brothers, Kieron and David, added their usual touch of class in the lighter weights. Throughout the various weights and ages, they were always there, poised to catch out the unwary with their silky skills. In the end they both ended up with trophies for the winter season.

Last and heaviest was Jack Ewart of Westward. He has been a regular at the club for many years, and has blossomed lately with a range of effective chips. His win on the night ensured that the Under 18 Years trophy was securely his.

Joe Thompson would have been a contender in two of the categories, but a broken ankle put paid to that. Thus it was great to see him last week walking around at the club with his plaster removed. We wish him well.

On Sunday at Carlisle Racecourse you can meet the champions of various sports. Our own Tom Harrington MBE will be there to represent our sport. He has an amazing record of achievement, but he has also given so much back as coach and referee.


Carlisle Wrestling Club Junior Points Night

6st 1, K Miller; 2, H Stoddart; 3, J Gibson.

7st 1, D Miller; 2, O Burbury; 3, K Miller; 4, M Gibson.

8½ st 1,P Murray ; 2, J Brown; 3, D Miller; 4, K Miller.

10st 1, J Brown; 2, P Murray ; 3, K Miller; 4, C Naylor.

Girls 1, K Brown; 2, D Gibson; 3, M Gibson.

Written by © Roger Robson. Photographs by © Roger Robson, Julian Richardson or Linda Scott (February 10th 2011)

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