Success for the Carlisle Wrestling Club team at the Academy Shield

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The success of the Carlisle Wrestling Club team at the Academy Shield was a testament to the coaching skills of the three Carlisle coaches, who each come from a different generation of wrestlers: Tom Harrington MBE in his sixties, Alan Jones in his Forties, and the baby and current 10½ st Champion, Andrew Carlile, still in his twenties. Each, individually, is an excellent coach of the techniques and subtleties of the local wrestling style, and they work so well and naturally together.

Alan Jones when he won the 14st Championship at Allendale Show in 2007

Of the three, Alan Jones is the one who takes on most of the responsibilities, collecting subs, organising special nights for Young Farmers, locking up after the wrestlers leave. He actively keeps fit at classes in Brampton , and even aged forty-seven he still competes at a few summer events. In 2007 he rolled back the years to win the 14st Championship at Allendale Show, his thirty-eighth championship in a career spanning thirty years. Obviously, he has gained a lot out of wrestling, and was single-minded and self-focused in his pursuit of wrestling success. Now he is repaying that debt in a big way.

He has taken on his shoulders four different ways of supporting the sport he loves: each Wednesday he will continue to coach wrestlers at the Carlisle Wrestling Club sessions in the Gym at Currock House; he will be one of the main coaches for wrestlers preparing for the IFCW European Championships at Sunday sessions; on an ad hoc basis he will train Young Farmers to compete in their Field Day; and from Tuesday 24th February, he will be coaching young wrestlers each week at 7pm at William Howard School.

Such dedication and flair must be commended and supported. If anyone could offer help at the William Howard sessions each Tuesday, Alan would be pleased, not to say relieved.

The first training session for the European Championships will take place on Sunday at Currock House. Originally, the Carlisle wrestlers were going to travel over to Rothbury, the Northumbrian town where floods, ice, gas and electricity cuts are regarded as normal life, but the school was unavailable. Instead, Andrew Carlile, Alan Jones, a crash mat and a pile of Gouren jackets await from 2pm to 4pm in the Currock House Gym.

Other Dates:

Wednesday, 11 th February 7.45pm Carlisle Wrestling Club Junior Points Night in the Gym, Currock House.

Wednesday, 18 th February, 9pm Carlisle Wrestling Club Senior Points, Currock House.

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