Adaptation of 'Maid of Buttermere' at Keswick's Theatre by the Lake

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Keswick's Theatre by the Lake will stage an adaptation of Lord Melvyn Bragg's novel 'Maid of Buttermere' in March and April, and a call has gone out for a young man with an interest in Cumberland and Westmorland wrestling. Thirty-eight locals aged 10 to 70 have already been recruited as extras in the cast, but there is a shortage of young men in the 18 to 25 year group, contemporaries of the heroine, Mary Robinson. No indication was given of how the wrestler would be used, or why at least two are not required, for it is difficult to wrestle on your own.

An earlier adaptation of a Bragg novel, 'The Hired Man' was also staged at the Theatre by the Lake, and I was asked to choreograph some wrestling for the two main protagonists. The task was particularly interesting as both actors suffered from bad backs even before the wrestling started. Any young men who would like to audition should contact Lyn Clarke at the theatre on 017687 72282.

Carlisle Wrestling Club's Junior Points Night at Currock house was fairly dramatic, with literally a nasty twist at the end. Several wrestlers were in contention for the old battered and tarnished trophy awarded to the wrestler judged to have given the best performance. The winner was Joe Coates of Gilsland who is a natural wrestler, able to hipe and twist. Not unexpectedly, he won the Under 12 Years for he is big, but not huge for his age. His best moment was when he hanked Mark Fisher to win a close bout in the Under 15 Years. He reached the final, but could make nothing of the champion at that age, Joe Thompson.

Joe then went on to win the Under 18s, too, buttocking the main man, Jack Ewart, in the semi final. Sadly, in some more relaxed bouts after the competition was over, Joe injured his ankle so badly that an ambulance was called.

Another winner, was Katy Brown, who took the Girls first prize. She is becoming a good wrestler, able to match the lads in training, so I was delighted to hear that she wants to take part in the Women's European Championships in East Kilbride in April. Never before have we had a female wrestler in the female championships. Is there anyone else who wants to join her?

Next week's wrestling at Currock House should have an interesting edge as there may be a contingent of Northumbrians taking part before attending a meeting about the European Championships. Anyone wishing to take part should make an effort to attend.

Another winner was Craig Naylor who again dominated the 10 stones. In the first round he took the fall of the night when he outside-hiped Paul Murray and then finished him with a cross-buttock. Then he neatly kicked out Jack Brown's hank, before tackling his big sister, Katy, in the final. He hopes to go international with his skills by attending the training week in Brittany in February. Our wrestlers are also keen to take part in the Breton Backhold Championships on the 22 nd February. Ten from Rothbury, six from Milnthorpe, and a growing number from Carlisle are likely to participate.

Last week, Craig Naylor was coaching wrestling at the Egremont Academy. Soon they may not be the only school actively promoting wrestling, for Antony Lewins, a PE teacher at William Howard School, Brampton, was an interested spectator at the Points Night. He has arranged with Alan Jones to promote wrestling as an after school activity after the half-term holiday


Carlisle Wrestling Club Junior Points Night

7st 1, M Gibson; 2, T Gibson.

8 ½ st 1, P Murray; 2, J Brown; 3, J Coates; 4, D Gibson.

10st 1, C Naylor; 2, K Brown; 3, T Gibson; 4, J Brown.

Girls 1, K Brown; 2, D Gibson; 3, M Gibson.

Under 12 Years 1, J Coates; 2, M Gibson; 3, P Potts; 4, T Gibson.

Under 15 Years 1, J Thompson; 2, J Coates; 3, P Potts; 4, B Wilde.

Under 18 Years 1, J Thompson; 2, M Fisher; 3, J Ewart; 4, P Murray.


Wednesday, 21 st January 8.45pm Carlisle Wrestling Club Senior Points Night followed by meeting for wrestlers wishing to participate in the European Championships.

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