12 Stone World Championship at Alwinton Show

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John Harrington with the championship trophies (Centre) Richard Dixon (left) and Scott McKenzie (right)John Harrington of Bewaldeth reclaimed his status as a World Champion wrestler when he won the 12st title at Alwinton Show. Once the holder of three championships simultaneously, he has had a comparatively lean time in the past year, although continuing to notch up wins wherever he travelled to compete in the normal wrestling calendar.

The outside-hipe was his favoured chip in the early rounds when he controlled the lively wriggling of Watchai Noimai before dispatching him. The exciting young Northumbrian prospect, Scott McKenzie, went much the same route, and that left Harrington facing his friend, relation and fellow Carlisle Club member, Richard Dixon.Richard Dixon hipes and cross-buttocks Andrew Carlile in the first round of the 12st Championship at Alwinton Show

Dixon has been steadily growing in confidence as the season has progressed, spending less time thinking what to do and more time going for his chips. In the first round of the championship he had hiped Andrew Carlile so high that he was able to cross him in mid air so decisively that Carlile was virtually upside down when he landed. Dixon's attacking policy took him into an early lead in the final when he won the first bout by falling backwards, arching his back and throwing Harrington clockwise over his shoulder. Dixon attacked again with a hipe in the next hold but Harrington rode it, dropped into an attacking position and twisted to win. Harrington's main problem was to get his feet disentangled in time to complete the fall. Only in the deciding fall did Harrington take the initiative rather than reacting to attacks. He gained a good hold and then flung Dixon forward and round off the right side.

The wrestling feast did not end there for Harrington figured in a second close final when he wrestled up with Richard Fox in the 14 stones. He took the lead by borrowing his opponent's favourite chip, the buttock. Scores levelled when Fox swung Harrington before inside-clicking him in mid-air, a move that Fox has tried without much joy all season, but which was spectacularly successful at Alwinton. For the decider Fox reverted to type and went to buttock..failed.. buttocked again.failed.and so on, until by sheer persistence he wore down Harrington's defence and caught him sweetly to win.

Another Carlisle wrestler Joe Thompson won the Under 16s; Isaac Hammond came all the way from MilnthorpeThe result of a John Harrington buttock on Richard Fox in the final of the 14 stones Academy to win at Under 3, but otherwise the local Rothbury Wrestling Club supplied the winners. Young Joe Hale showed his class in the Under 10s; Andrew Ord the 18 year old 14st Champion, came back from a broken arm injured while keeping fit on a bike to win the keenly contested Under 21 Years competition; and the Northumbrian powerhouse Richard Younger was in a different league in the All Weights.

Only one event remains in the 2008 Grass Season, Buttermere Show on Saturday 25th October, so if any wrestlers need points for the CWWA 2008 trophies, that is where he should be. The News and Star web-site says that the committee is vowing to go ahead with the show, despite nearby Wasdale Head Show having to cancel for the first time in sixty years.

Carlisle Wrestling Club will meet for training each Wednesday in the Gym at Currock House: 7.45pm for youngsters; 8.45pm for seniors.


Alwinton Show

Under 10 Years 1, Joe Hale; 2,S Brown; 3, C Whitfield.

Under 13 Years 1, I Hammond; 2, C Spence; 3, Joe Hale.

Under 16 Years 1, J Thompson; 2, S Mason; 3, T Lakely

Under 21 Years 1, A Ord; 2, N Birdsall; 3, J Thompson.

12st World Championship 1, John Harrington; 2, R Dixon; 3, S McKenzie.

14st 1, R Fox; 2, John Harrington; 3, A Ord.

All Weights 1, R Younger; 2, R Leiper; 3, R Fox.


Saturday 25 th October Buttermere Show.the last of the season.

Friday 7th November, CWWA Presentation Dinner in the Auctioneer, Rosehill, Carlisle (Tickets from BoardMembers)

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