Holm Show and Hesket Newmarket Shows

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Three big wrestling events coincide to make this the hottest weekend of the year in Cumberland and Westmorland Wrestling: Rothbury Mart, tonight, with its £500 first prize for the 15½ stones and £2,600 overall prize-money, need not worry about the weather, for it takes place indoors in the old mart ring with its tiered seating. Some Cumbrian wrestling fans will be taking hotel accommodation for, only six miles up into the hills from Rothbury, Richard Fox will defend his 12st World title at Harbottle on Saturday afternoon. The action then moves to Weardale for Wolsingham Show and another important Championship, the 15 stones, presently held by Joseph Robson of Grayrigg. Two other events, Lowick and Loweswater, have been cancelled because of the weather.

Awaiting starter's orders: referee Jimmy Pringle stands over Thomas Gibson (L) and Joe Hale (R) as they take hold at the Holm Show, Newcastleton.Last week the action was halved when both Millom and Broughton Show and Bellingham Show were also cancelled. This left the Holm Show as the focus of wrestlers from North Cumbria and Northumberland to meet on neutral ground in Scotland. The Hale family from Rothbury set the early pace when the young star, Joe Hale, won two age groups, and his big brother Jack felled Joe Thompson in the final of the Under 18s with a twist off the chest. The men's wrestling was dominated by Richard Fox who lives deep in Reiver country on the English side of the Border. He was able to show off his fluent skills in buttocking and swinging young Joe Thompson in the final of the 12½st, but had to dig much deeper in the All Weights final against his old adversary, John Harrington. Four holds were needed before Harrington succumbed. The last fall was typical of the strategy used by Fox when the two meet. He kept Harrington in front of him and attacked with a back-heel, sending him backwards. Then he followed up fast and strongly with a swamping back-heel till his man went down.Adam Ridley of Slaggyford receives the Under 18 Years/10st Championship trophy at Hesket Newmarket from Show President, R J MounseyWhen many showfields are swamped with rain, Hesket Newmarket was inundated with children, most of whom, both boys and girls, wanted to wrestle. The main event was Adam Ridley's defence of his Under 18 Years/10st Championship. Ridley warmed up by winning the Open Under 18s and then sailed through the rounds of the championship to retain his title. Probably his biggest problem would be getting his weight right beforehand. In the final with Craig Naylor of Wasdale he picked his man up and twisted him back for the first fall, and threw Naylor forward off the hank for the second.The Hayhurst family did well to fight their way through the local hordes for James to win the Under 12 Years and William to win the Under 15s. Another Kendal wrestler, Hannah Hodgson, had her keenness rewarded when she won the Ladies Open in a big entry, to add to her win at Newcastleton earlier in the day.


Holm Show, Newcastleton
Under 10 Years 1, Joe Hale; 2, T Gibson; 3, G Robson.Under 13 Years 1, Joe Hale; 2, T Gibson; 3, S Craig.Under 15 Years 1, J Dickinson; 2, C Frill; 3, T Gibson.Under 18 Years 1, Jack Hale; 2, J Thompson; 3, J Wragg.Ladies 1, H Hodgson; 2, C Hodgson; 3, D Gibson.12½st 1, R Fox; 2, J Thompson; 3, John Harrington.All Weights 1, 1, R Fox 2, John Harrington; 3, G Nichol.

Hesket Newmarket Show.
Under 12 Years 1, J Jayhurst; 2,J Lightfoot; 3, P Potts.Under 15 Years 1, W Hayhurst; 2, M Fisher; 3, J Hayhurst.Under 18 Years/10st Championship 1, A Ridley; 2, C Naylor; 3, P Murray. Under 18 Years 1, A Ridley; 2, W Hayhurst; 3, J EwartGirls 1, H Hodgson; 2, L Murray; 3, C Hodgson.12½st 1, John Harrington; 2, S Watson; 3, J Thorburn.

Friday 5th Sept 6.30pm Rothbury Mart U9/U12/U16/Girl U16/U19/11½/13½/15½/mens and womens AW (£2,560 prizes) Saturday, 6th Sept 2.00pm Harbottle U10/ U16/U18/Novices/12st Ch'ship/AW

Lowick Cancelled

Sunday 7th Sept 1.30pm Wolsingham U12/U15/U18/Ladies/11/12/14/15stCh'ship/AW

Loweswater Show Cancelled

Thursday 11th Sept 2pm Westmorland County Show U12/U15/U18/11/12/13/14/AW/GirlsU14/ Womens Open

Saturday, 13th Sept Ingram Sports

Stanhope Whitfield

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