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Bampton Sports in the high ground between Ullswater and Shap, has not had wrestling since 1951. We knew this because one of this week's judges, Cyril Bragg, won the 10½st World Championship in that year.

The wrestling was very much an away-day for Kendal Academy, coaches and all, for they provided the bulk of the entry.

Assistant coach Joe Robson finished off senior coach John Wilson with an outside-hipe in the semi-final of the All Weights, then moved on to the seemingly easier task of defeating Anthony Wilson in the final, only to find himself a fall down in double-quick time. Two powerful cross-buttocks averted embarrassment for the 15st Champion. Anthony Wilson has been away from the ring for many years, but he would enjoy his day (until his muscles seize up) for he won the 13 stones before coming near to a double in the final of the all Weights.

The other class act was Craig Ridley of Slaggyford who was a credit to himself and his Carlisle coaches when he won both the Under 15 and Under 18 Years with great aplomb.

Great Eccleston

Far from the quiet world of Bampton in the Cumbrian fells Great Eccleston Show must be one of the noisiest venues with Tractor Pulling duels going on in the vicinity of the wrestling. Milnthorpe coach, David Parsons, with no microphone, had to find a strip of higher ground to avoid losing the wrestlers in the mire. The wrestling was dominated by the Brocklebank family, especially Graham who won thrice.

By far his hardest task was the final of the All Weights when he met former champion Richard Threlfall, who had just felled Thomas, the biggest and oldest of the present Brocklebanks by surviving the power and buttocking, twice, when the chances arose. In the final Graham upped the tempo, and wrestled with speed and deftness which caught out the ring-rusty Threlfall.

Tomorrow the Cumberland Show is giving about £1000 of prize-money for the wrestling. As well as the usual programme, there will be a challenge match between two big, strong and skilful wrestlers: Joseph Robson of Kendal and Robert Leiper of Ponteland, Northumberland. Another change from the usual is the weight competition for boys weighing less than 7st and aged under 15 years.

The following week holds some of the elite traditional events: Ambleside Sports and Langholm Common Riding.

Pumbland Sports

Under 12 Years 1, D Foy; 2, B Hunt; 3, E Hopkins'
Under 15 Years 1, J Thompson; 2, J Brown; 3, P Murray.
Under 18 Years 1, P Housby; 2, J Thompson; 3, K Brown.
13st 1, John Harrington; 2, M Fisher; 3, J Thompson.
All Weights 1, John Harrington; 2, P Housby; 3, R Skelton.

Bampton Sports

Under 10 Years 1, S Wilson; 2, R Hebson; 3, D Frith.
Under 12 Years 1, B Thompson; 2, W Atkinson; 3, H Barnes.
Under 15 Years 1, C Ridley; 2, J Thompson; 3, T Barnes.
Under 18 Years 1, C Ridley; 2, J Thompson; 3, T Barnes.
12½st 1, A Wilson; 2, J Thompson; 3, M Atkinson.
All Weights 1, J Robson; 2, A Wilson; 3, J Wilson.
Girls 1, J Hebson; 2, O Wilson; 3, E Heaviside.

Great Eccleston Show

Under 12 Years1, J Hayhurst; 2, I Hammond.
Under 15 Years 1, S Brocklebank; 2, S Mason; 3, W Hayhurst.
Under 18 Years 1, G Brocklebank; 2, S Brocklebank; 3, W Hayhurst.
11½st 1, S Mason; 2, J Hayhurst; 3, B Brocklebank.
13st 1, G Brocklebank; 2, S Mason; 3, W Hayhurst.
All Weights 1, G Brocklebank; 2, R Threlfall; 3, T Brocklebank


July 21st (Sat) 4pm Cumberland Show U12/ U15(7st)/U15/U18/12/14/AW
July 22nd (Sun) 3.30pm Coniston U12/ U15/U18/11½/13/AW
July 26th Thurs) Ambleside Sports
July 27th (Fri) Langholm Common Riding
July 28th (Sat) Penrith Show
July 29th (Sun) Flookburgh

Written by © Roger Robson. Photographs by © Roger Robson, Julian Richardson or Linda Scott (July 21st 2007)


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