Richard Fox of Hethersgill.....

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.......turned out in a new neat and simple wrestling strip and was too smart for most of the opposition at the Northumberland County Show, Corbridge. He signalled his intentions when he entered the fray in the 13½ stones first round when he swept John Harrington aside firstly with a hipe and back-heel and then with a straightforward left leg back-heel. His confidence is high and he made his slight weight advantage tell.

It was nearly a brotherly final, as big brother Andrew, now working for the National Trust at Grasmere, was going well until Richard Dixon of Lesssonhall took the deciding fall in the semi-final with a text book hank. Although Dixon weighs in below 10½st, he is capable of felling wrestlers of any weight, but Richard Fox was in full flow and came out on top with strong twists.

Fox’s day was not yet over, for if anything, he wrestled even better in the All Weights. In the first round he dispatched one of the favourites, Darren Whitfield, who would weigh half as much again as Fox, by bustling and twisting from unexpected angles. Then he felled John Harrington by swinging him fast then cross buttocking in the opposite direction. His brother Andrew gave him pause for thought when he took the first fall in the semi-final, but that deficit was rectified with a buttock and a hipe.

His final opponent, the Rothbury Academy coach, Jason Davidson, had seemed vulnerable as he wrestled through the rounds, twice losing the first fall with Robert Leiper and Andrew Murray, but always coming back to win. The nearest Fox got to the Northumbrian, however, was a dog fall. Davidson twisted him over the knee for the first fall and inside-hiped him for the third.


John Harrington won the other senior event, the 11½ stones, much in the same way as Davidson, for he too gave the opposition a head start by losing the first fall but fighting back to win against Watchai Noimai in the first round and Simon Hamilton in the final. Hamilton was a local wrestler with a plenty of support in the crowd and a big smile on his face. For the first fall he lifted Harrington, hitched him up further and twisted him back. Northumbrian hopes were dimmed when Harrington won the next fall by lifting on the right side and twisting his man down, and then extinguished by a clever right leg outside-stroke which felled Hamilton before he knew what had happened.

Good entries and good wrestling was the order of the day for the boys events starting with a well contested Under 9 Years, and ending with a Rothbury clean sweep in the Under 19 Years with Andrew Ord of Morpeth, the winner. Jack Hale of Rothbury caught the eye with his determined, skilful wrestling. He must be well ahead in the lists for the Under 15 Years this new season, but he is also able to take falls from older and heavier competitors.

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An e-mail from Jean-François Hubert, the Breton Wrestling President, has indicated that a Breton team will very likely visit here around Grasmere Sports time. He also passed on an invitation from the town of Guingamp, for one of the main events of the Breton calendar: “The Guingamp Festival in on his 50th birthday and wants to invite some non Breton wrestlers. Could a few Cumbrian wrestlers come? The event is on the 19th August. The festival will provide accommodation and money for travel.” Any takers?


Northumberland County Show

Under 9 Years 1, J Stewart; 2, C Whitfield; 3, G Aynsley.
Under 12 Years 1, W Aynsley; 2, T Dodds; 3, C Whitfield.
Under 15 Years 1, J Hale; 2, J Brown; 3, J Thompson.
Under 19 Years 1, A Ord; 2, N Birdsall; 3, J Hale.
11½st 1, John Harrington; 2, S Hamilton; 3, R Dixon.
13½st 1, R Fox; 2, R Dixon; 3, A Fox.
All Weights 1, J Davidson; 2, R Fox; 3, A Murray.


June 9th (Sat) 

Roman Wall Show - U13/U17/11½/13½/AW

June 10th  (Sun) 2pm

Morpeth - U10/U13/U16/U18/10½/13/15½/AW

June 16th (Sat) 2pm

Kirkheaton Show -  U12/U15/U18/12/15 Ch’ship(£350)/AW

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