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....... were elected to the Governing Board of the Cumberland and Westmorland Wrestling Association at last week’s AGM. Two of them are from South of Shap Summit and Dunmail Raise, and the other is a Northumbrian.

Malcolm Parsons is from a well known wrestling family and has recently been involved in re-introducing wrestling to the Grasmere Rush-Bearing and organising wrestling training at Grasmere School. John Dennison was World Champion at 11st and 12st in the sixties and seventies, and follows his father, Albert Dennison, as a Board Member.

The new Northumbrian Board Member is Darren Whitfield, who is still an active wrestler, and will be the first wrestlers’ representative on the Board. He is elected for a year and will be able to take part in all the Governing Board’s business except for disciplinary matters. As a coach and organiser at Rothbury Academy he is already working hard for wrestling, and his election to the Board will go some way to compensating for the absence of Jimmy Pringle who resigned after many years as a Board Member.

The only item of potential change at the meeting concerned referees. Now that there is a coaching certification scheme in operation, the Development Committee has turned its attention to referees and brought to the AGM some ideas that will be discussed by the Governing Board. The draft document suggests that for the wrestling season 2008 all referees must be qualified by the CWWA, but judges will not need to be on a CWWA approved list.

A code of conduct for referees will be drawn up and circulated and a meeting of interested individuals will meet as early as possible in 2007 to discuss the rules and their interpretation. During the 2007 season assessors appointed by the Governing Board will observe referees and give them feedback. They will then draw up a list of approved referees for submission to the Autumn Governing Board meeting. Referees will be required to attend one seminar before each wrestling season.

Most wrestling events have referees who are regulars on the circuit and are up-to-date with the latest rules and interpretation, but still there are a few events which invite the local wrestling hero from fifty years ago who thinks the rules are just the same as ever.

More pertinently, some of the rules, such as those about pulling the head out, are interpreted differently by regular referees, and this could be sorted out by this proposed scheme.

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