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.......will never be the same again. Jimmy Pringle of Rothbury will not be standing for re-election at the Annual General Meeting of the CWWA after many years as a lively and innovative figure.

For years he has been the man who has kept Cumberland and Westmorland Wrestling alive in Northumberland. The events he ran, and especially Alwinton Show, were models for others to follow. The interests of the wrestlers were paramount to him, so he always found good sponsors for prize money, put on good weights, including Under 21 Years which is unique to Alwinton, and talked to wrestlers to make sure they knew they were valued at his events. He always had good connections with the Scottish wrestlers, and they repaid his support for them with minibus loads of wrestlers for Northumbrian events.

One of the main features of last year's CWWA Centenary, the Centenary Challenges with £1000 prize money, was his idea. And typically, the Northumbrian version was different to the more orthodox events staged at Cumberland, Penrith and Westmorland Shows. He took over Rothbury Mart at night, covered the mart ring with wrestling mats, packed in the crowd into the tiered seating and raised the roof with noise and excitement.

He began his wrestling at Thropton Academy in its heyday, and rounded his career off in Scotland. Now acknowledged as one of the best referees, he sets the tone each year at Grasmere where he officiates all morning for the youth events, and gives them his own individual dash of humour and enthusiasm.

Fortunately, he had good allies for the Rothbury event in Darren Whitfield and Jason Davidson, and they seem bent on picking up his mantle as coaches at Rothbury Academy and in the general organisation needed to sustain wrestling in the area.

Unusually, there are six vacancies for the Governing Board because of retirements, so this year is not just a matter of re-electing those who have reached the end of their term.

Last year celebrated a century of the CWWA and its Governing Board. Now it is a matter of looking ahead to the next hundred years. The Association has made good headway with its Development Plan in the last three years, particularly with coaching certification, but much remains to be done.

One possibility is applying the same sort of regulation to referees for wrestling competitions. At the moment referees are invited by each event independently and this can mean that officials are out of touch with rule changes and interpretation. The topic is to be aired at the AGM and at the subsequent Governing Board Meeting.

Any organisation wishing to stage a Championship event has to apply for it in writing before the 4th April.


On Wednesday, 4th April, Carlisle Wrestling Club ends its indoor season with a training night and the presentation of Points Trophies

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