A review of the statistics............

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..............of the Cumberland and Westmorland Wrestling season 2006 gives a picture of a good year when there were lots of events, the winnings were well shared out and young wrestlers provided a solid foundation for our traditional sport.

For quality and quantity John Harrington of Bewaldeth, still only 19 years of age, headed the lists with 36 wins, well ahead of the Graham Brocklebank with 14 senior wins. Harrington also won two Guinness Trophies, the 13st Championship and all three senior CWWA Points Trophies.

For sheer quality Andrew Carlile set the standard with three Championships, two Guinness Trophies and election as The Wrestlers' Wrestler at the Centenary Dinner

Harry Brocklebank's three sons Ben, Graham and Thomas won 58 events between them, mainly in the south of the county, but Ben travelled to Rothbury in Northumberland to win the Under 12 Years Centenary Challenge, and Graham won his Under 18 Years Championship north of the Border at Langholm Show.

For single-minded keenness Jack Brown of Haydon Bridge takes the accolade, for he attended virtually every event open to him, won 24 times and took the Under 12 Years Points Trophy.

One wrestler who had a 100 per cent record was Rab McNamara who travelled down from East Kilbride for four prestigious events and won them all. His Heavyweight Championship success at Powburn meant that he had won thee title ten times in succession and in so doing had set a new record.

CWWA World Champions 2006

All Weights- Rab McNamara, East Kilbride- Powburn Show, Northumberland

15st- Joe Robson, Grayrigg- Langholm Common Riding

14st- David Atkinson, Carlisle - Westmorland County Show

13st- John Harrington, Bewaldeth- Egremont Crab Fair

12st- Andrew Carlile, Carlisle - Morpeth Fair, Northumberland

11st- Andrew Carlile, Carlisle - Patterdale Country Fair

10½st- Andrew Carlile, Carlisle- Penrith Show

Under 18 Years- Graham Brocklebank, Warton- Langholm Show

Under 18 Years/10st- Tom Mason, Milnthorpe - Forestburngate, Northumberland

Under 15 Years- Adam Ridley, Slaggyford- Dalston Show, Carlisle

Under 15 Years/8st- Craig Ridley, Slaggyford- Great Eccleston Show, Lancashire

Centenary Challenge Winners

Under 12 Years- Ben Brocklebank, Warton- Rothbury

Under 15 Years- Fin Healy, Tynemouth- Cumberland Show

Under 18 Years- Joe Harrington, Kirkbampton- Westmorland Show

11½st- Rab Clark, Glasgow- Westmorland Show

13½st- David Barnes, Dearham- Rothbury

All Weights- Rab McNamara, East Kilbride - Cumberland Show

Ladies- Tracey Hodgson, Dent- Penrith

Individual Winners at Open Events


Tracey Hodgson 12 wins

Frederique Nouvel 6

Katy Brown 2

Donna Thompson 2

(3 others had a single win)


Jack Brown 24 wins

Ben Brocklebank 18

Graham Brocklebank 16

Scott Brocklebank 15

Adam Ridley 15

Joe Harrington 12

Fin Healy 11

Andrew Ord 9

James Raine 7

Luke Benn 4

Graeme Benson 4

Jack Lashley 4

William Hayhurst 4

Jack Hale 3

Phil Housby 2

Stuart Mason 2

W Noimai 2

(23 others had a single win)


John Harrington 36 wins

Graham Brocklebank 14

Andrew Carlile 13

Thomas Brocklebank 10

Joe Robson 6

Darren Whitfield 6

Jason Davidson 5

Richard Fox 5

Richard Dixon 4

Rab McNamara 4

David Atkinson 3

Carl Clark 3

Mathieu Le Dour 3

Robert Leiper 3

David Barnes 2

Ken Ridley 2

Andrew Fox 2

Simon Hamilton 2

Joe Harrington 2

Alan Jones 2

Robert Lowery 2

Jean-Marie Menesgou 2

Mick Phillips 2

Richard Younger 2

(21 others had a single win)

CWWA Points Trophy Winners

Under 12 Years Jack Brown

Under 15 Years Scott Brocklebank

Under 18 Years Graham Brocklebank

Ladies Tracey Hodgson

11½st John Harrington

13st John Harrington

All Weights John Harrington

Guinness Trophy Winners

Cumberland Show Richard Fox

Ambleside John Harrington

Grasmere Andrew Carlile

Keswick Show Andrew Carlile

Egremont Crab Fair John Harrington

59 events were affiliated to the CWWA in 2006. Affiliated Academies are at Carlisle, Kendal, Milnthorpe, Rothbury, and Waberthwaite.


Saturday 18th November

Weigh-in 11am to 12.30pm Under 21s Scottish Open Backhold Championships 2006, Barmulloch Community Centre, 46 Wallacewell Quadrant, Glasgow G21 3PX Three age categories for males and females 13 and Under with 6weights from 4½st to 10½st and Open; 17 and Under with 4 weights from 6½st to10½st and Open; and 21 and Under with 5weights from 8½st to 12½st and Open.

Written by © Roger Robson. Photographs by © Roger Robson, Julian Richardson or Linda Scott (February 10th 2011)


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