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Andrew Carlile retained the 10½st World Championship of Cumberland and Westmorland Wrestling .....................

at Penrith Show and in doing so completed a set of three championships won this year.

After a year or two when some of the younger wrestlers were giving him a hard time, this season he has proved himself harder, quicker and cleverer than ever before. Paul Barnes of Dearham gave him a good run for his money in the final with a bustling first bout full of buttocks and twists until Carlile stopped it all and rushed him forward off his right hip. The second fall was clear indication of how his thoughts have become instinct: Barnes made a good attempt at the buttock, but Carlile stabbed his foot down in front of the buttocker's leg to act as the crucial pivot to win the fall.

Good though the final was, the real test for Carlile came in the semi-final when Richard Dixon of Lessonhall took the first fall with his trademark buttock. Carlile fought back with crisp counters to that buttock and a hank in the next two falls to keep on course for the triple championship.

As well as entertaining the crowds in the ring, Carlile is a qualified coach of the sport and gives a lot of his time to the youngsters at Carlisle Wrestling Club in the Winter months. He also coaches the Breton style and is an active member of the organising committee for the European Espoirs (Youth) Championships of Celtic Wrestling which comes to Carlisle in October.

The Centenary Challenge for Women Wrestlers was a great success at Penrith Show. Fifteen entered and there was a series of tough bouts beginning with Tracey Hodgson of Dent's dispatch of the Ayrshire Firewoman, Denise Turley, with a flurry of twists. Tracey Hodgson continued in the same vein throughout until she felled Katie Wigham of Kirklinton in the final. Tracey Hodgson was our most successful female wrestler last year, and she is even more formidable now.

Welcome back, David Atkinson. A year ago at Ambleside Sports, he sustained a bad break just above the ankle which needed pinning and slow convalescence. He tested the water at the Cumberland Show and came second, and at Penrith he got back to his winning ways in the 13 stones. John Harrington in the semi-final took the middle fall with an inside click, but Atkinson won the decider with lots of shouting and hiping until his man hit the ground. Joe Harrington, the winner of the Under 18 Years, is a good hiper, but in the 13st final he was out-hiped by Atkinson.

The hiping theme continued in the All Weights when the Kendal wrestler Joe Robson used one to fell his club-mate Trevor Hodgson for the first score in the final. The winning fall was a lightning strike and a swirl.

At Coniston the Brocklebank family had a near monopoly with the three brothers, Ben, Graham, and Thomas all winning, as well as half-cousin Scott who won the Under 15 Years. John Harrington showed his class by winning both the 11½ and 13 stones, though he was well tested by Graeme Benson of Langdale and Richard Knowles of Bootle.


Penrith Show

Under 12 Years: 1, B Broclebank; 2, J Brown; 3, C Sewell.

Under 15 Years: 1, F Healy; 2,D Parsons; 3, S Brocklebank.

Under 18 Years: 1, Joe Harrington; 2, J Desborough; 3, W Noimai.

10½st World Championship: 1, A Carlile; 2, P Barnes; 3, R Dixon.

13st: 1, D Atkinson; 2, Joe Harrington; 3, R Dixon.

All Weights: 1, J Robson; 2, T Hodgson; 3, J Davidson.


Under 12 Years: 1, B Broclebank; 2, M Porter; 3, J Brown.

Under 15 Years: 1, S Broclebank; 2, J Simcock; 3, P Murray.

Under 18 Years: 1, G Broclebank; 2, G Benson; 3, W Noimai.

11½st: 1, John Harrington; 2, R Knowles; 3, G Benson.

13st: 1, John Harrington; 2, D Barnes; 3, G Benson.

All Weights: 1, T Broclebank; 2, S Fleming; 3, John Harrington.


July 28 (Fri) 2.30pm Langholm Common Riding U12/U16/12½/15Chship/AW

July 29 (Sat) 1pm Cockermouth U12/U15/U18/11½/13½/AW

July 30 (Sun) 12 noon Flookburgh U12/U15/U18/11½/13/AW

August 5 (Sat) Beetham

Powburn All Weights Ch'ship

August 6 (Sun) 12.30pm Lowther U12/U15/U18/Ladies/12/14/AW (Costume required)

Written by © Roger Robson. Photographs by © Roger Robson, Julian Richardson or Linda Scott (February 10th 2011)


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