McNamara's title for ninth successive year

IN MANY ways Cumberland and Westmorland wrestling had one of its best weeks for many a long day with good entries in all the five events packed into a busy four days.

The heavyweight championship at Ambleside attracted the best entry for years; six Breton wrestlers added spice and the unexpected wherever they travelled; the standard of wrestling was high throughout; big enthusiastic crowds circled the rings (except for soggy Ambleside) and Robert McNamara won the Heavyweight Championship with imperious power for the ninth year in a row.

But it was also became the worst of weeks when double champion, David Atkinson sustained a double break to his left leg during the Heavyweight Championship.

David Atkinson represents all that is best in our sport: spectacular skill, steely determination, physical fitness, sportsmanship of the highest order.

In the ring his clean attacking style has made him wrestling's chief asset. Outside the ring he gives so much back to the sport with his positive attitude. He was one of the first CWWA qualified coaches and shone throughout his assessment. All we can hope is that he will make a full and speedy recovery.

The Heavyweight Championship at Ambleside deserved a big crowd, but the wind and rain put paid to that.

Twenty-two men were lined up against Big Mac, Robert McNamara, as he sought to equal the great Ted Dunglinson's nine championship wins.

Martin McLaughlin of Meathop is a big lad and good wrestler, as is Thomas Brocklebank of Warton, Nicolas Gournec from Brittany, Joe Threlfall of Preston and finally Richard Younger of Ponteland, but all came to nothing as the Scot hoisted each of them in turn high into the air on his chest, before twisting them and plunging them to the earth.

In a four hour programme of wrestling the standard never slipped, so the Breton Matthieu Le Dour's nomination as the Guinness Trophy winner for the best performance in all the wrestling was a handsome compliment to his wrestling skills in an alien style.


Ambleside Sports

Under 12 Years 1, S Brocklebank; 2, P Cowell; 3, D Ewart.

Under 15 Years 1, G Benson; 2, W Noimai; 3, F Healey.

Under 18 Years 1, R Dixon; 2, R Walton; 3, W Noimai.

11½st 1, A Carlile; 2, R Fox; 3, L Boucher.

12½st 1, D Atkinson; 2, R Fox; 3, A Carlile. 14st 1, M Le Dour; 2, J Wilson; 3, Y Salaun.

All Weights World Championship 1, R McNamara; 2, R Younger; 3, Joe Threlfall

Guinness Trophy winner: M Le Dour

Langholm Common Riding

Under 12 Years 1, D Ewart; 2, A Little; 3, J Brown.

Under 16 Years 1, W Noimai; 2, J Ewart; 3, F Healey.

11st 1 A Carlile; 2, L Boucher; 2, Y Meuric.

13st 1, M Le Dour; 2, L Boucher; 3, Joe Harrington.

All Weights 1, A Carlile; 2, R Leiper; 3, M Le Dour

Cockermouth Show

Under 12 Years 1, D Ewart; 2, L McAvoy; 3, M Henson.

Under 15 Years 1, W Noimai; 2, J Dowsett; 3, J Ewart.

Under 18 Years 1, Joe Harrington; 2, W Noimai; 3, R Dixon

11/2st 1, John Harrington; 2, P Barnes; 3, A Carlile.

13½st 1, D Barnes; 2, Y Salaun; 3, M Le Dour.

All Weights 1, C Clark; 2, M Le Dour; 3, Y Salaun

Beetham Sports

Girls 1, T Hodgson; 2, C Hodgson; 3, H Hodgson.

Under 12 Years 1, S Mason; 2, W Hayhurst; 3, S Brocklebank.

Under 14 Years 1, F Healey; 2, Douglas Parsons; 3, B Brocklebank.

Under 16 Years 1, G Brocklebank; 2, K O'Neill; 3, Douglas Parsons.

Under 18 Years 1, David Parsons; 2, G Brocklebank; 3, S Wilkinson.

12½ 1, Brocklebank; 2, David Parsons; 3, S Wilkinson.

All Weights 1, J Wilson; 2, T Brocklebank; 3, M McLaughlin.


Under 12 Years 1, S Brocklebank; 2, S Mason; 3, B Brocklebank.

Under 15 Years 1, S Wilkinson; 2, S Mason; 3, Douglas Parsons.

Under 18 Years 1, Joe Harrington; 2, G Brocklebank; 3, S Mason.

11st 1, A Carlile; 2, G Brocklebank; 3, S Mason.

13st 1 John Harrington; 2, Andrew Carlile; 3, G Brocklebank.

All Weights 1, M Le Dour; 2, John Harrington; 3, T Brocklebank.

Written by © Roger Robson. Photographs by © Roger Robson, Julian Richardson or Linda Scott (May 4th 2011)

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