Carlisle provides first five winners

Wrestlers made a profitable sally through the Tyne Gap to the Northumberland County Show at Corbridge. The first five winners were all from Carlisle Wrestling Club, but the Northumbrians had the final say when two of them wrestled out the final of the All Weights.

Twelve years have elapsed since Darren Whitfield, of Rothbury, won his third 14st Championship in a row, and he is several stones heavier now. He met the present Under 18 Champion, the massive Richard Younger, of Ponteland, and promptly lost the first fall to some quick twists.

At this point he found salvation in his old skills from lighter days, hiping Younger onto one leg and then finishing him with a twist to equalise. The decider was won with a counter attack.

As Younger came steam-rollering in with a back-heel, Whitfield stepped aside, helped him on his way and twisted to the ground.

Training partners Andrew Carlile and David Atkinson were both on sparkling form to win the lightweights and middleweights respectively.

Such form could be expected from Carlile who trained hard for the recent European Championships where he won two bronze medals, but Atkinson has had to sharpen up by reading legal case law on his university course at Newcastle.

John Harrington, of Bewaldeth, was in both finals, and gained a fall in both, but was just short of match practice to be at his sharpest.

Another Harrington, Joe, scored his first win of the season on his first outing. Taller, stronger and faster after a winter of rugby training, he made easy work of the younger and lighter Watchai Noimai, of Anthorn, in the final of the Under 18 Years.

Two brothers from Westward, Daniel and Jack Ewart, have been regulars at Carlisle Wrestling Club for some years, and it showed.

Daniel went for his trips and carried all before him to win the Under 12 Years. Jack tried to do the same in the Under 15 Years but did not quite succeed with his original intentions. Fortunately for him, Plan B was better than Plan A, and he won some excellent falls with sudden changes of direction and buttocking.

Wrestling's country connection was there for all to see at the North Cumbria YFC Field Day at Burgh by Sands.

Many of the competitors were no doubt put forward as human sacrifices to win points for their club, but there was also a high incidence of trained wrestlers with all the skills.

Best of all was Grasmere 13st Champion Richard Fox who carved his way through all the best wrestlers in the All Weights.

Lucy Armstrong won the Ladies 11st event for the second year running, Last year she won with raw talent. This year she knew rather more what she was doing, having trained at Carlisle Wrestling Club last summer.

Those special training sessions for women and girls will be held in Currock House Gym each Wednesday at 7.45pm, when Andrew Carlile will be the coach. All are welcome to attend.


North Cumbria YFC Field Day - 91/2st: 1, S Smith (Walton); 2, A Pigg (Wigton); 3, N Harrison (Aspatria). 111/2st: 1, John Harrington (Caldbeck); 2, R Dixon (Wigton); 3, J Whiteford (Walton). All Weights: 1, R Fox (Longtown); 2, B Norman (Drigg); 3, K Fox (Walton). Ladies: 11st 1, L Armstrong (Raughtonhead); 2, D Clark (Penrith); 3, K Linsey Kirklinton). Ladies All Weights: 1, R Short (Brampton); 2, E Steel (Drigg); 3, J Armstrong (Longtown).

Northumberland County Show

Under 12 Years: 1, D Ewart; 2, J Brown; 3, P Murray. U-15: 1, J Ewart; 2, W Noimai; 3, G Morton. U-18: 1, Joe Harrington; 2, W Noimai; 3, J Ewart. 111/2st: 1, A Carlile; 2, John Harrington; 3, S Hamilton. 131/2st: 1, D Atkinson; 2, John Harrington; 3, S Hamilton. All Weights: 1, D Whitfield; 2, R Younger; 3, D Atkinson.


Sun, June 5 12.30pm Carlisle Vintage Society, Brisco U12/U15 Ch'ship/U18/121/2/AW

Sun June 12 2pm Morpeth Fair (£800) U12/U15/U18/111/2/131/2/151/2/AW

Sat July 18 3.30pm Kirkheaton U12/U15/U18/12/15/AW

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