Season set to start at Sedburgh

CALLING all wrestlers. Find your deep tread socks, start thinking of hipes and hanks, get warmed up.

The wrestling season starts tomorrow at Sedbergh Gala, and for Young Farmers in the South of the county at their Field Day at Brough Sowerby, near Kirkby Stephen.

The crowded mats and regular wrestling for youngsters at Kendal, Milnthorpe, Waberthwaite and Carlisle Academies throughout the Winter needs to be translated into action on the grass in the 60 wrestling events which will take place between now and the end of October in the four Northern counties of England and the Borders of Scotland.

One of the reasons that wrestling seems to depend on family connections is that they make the effort to reach the competitions on a regular basis; whereas some youngsters who shine on the mats in Winter, never compete on grass.

The CWWA does try to encourage regular attendance by awarding trophies for points won throughout the season at under 12, 15 and 18 years, and 111/2st, 13st and All Weights. Likewise the Lakeland Sports Promoters trophy is usually the reward for good performances at several of their affiliated events.

Another initiative to boost entries this year sees Governing Board Members taking responsibility to liaise with wrestlers and events to encourage participation.

"Hello, Tony, how ye gaan on?" said the voice on the phone, so I didn't have to be a detective to know that I was listening to a Northumbrian who had known me for 45 years when that was my name.

Jimmy Pringle of Rothbury, the main man for wrestling in Northumberland, has only just come out of hospital where he has had heart by-pass surgery, and here he was organising the wrestling at Morpeth Fair on June 12.

Jimmy knows that attractive weights and good prize-money are needed to attract wrestlers, and once more he has come up with the goods.

With the weights he has been kind to the wrestlers in the early season by adding half a stone to the usual weights in case the dieting has not been going too well. And he has negotiated £800 of prize-money, which for a small event is admirable.

One curiosity which has arisen is the different perception of wrestling at the two YFC Field Days scheduled for the next two week-ends.

I have not noticed that girls and women are noticeably more fragile in the South of Cumbria, but unlike the Northern Area where there are two categories of Ladies Wrestling, there will be no female wrestling in the South - for safety reasons.


Saturday, May 21, 11.30am Cumbrian YFC Southern Area Field Day, Brough Sowerby; 1.55pm Sedbergh Gala U12/U15/U18/121/2/AW

Saturday, May 28: Cumbrian YFC Northern Area Field Day, Burgh by Sands

Monday, May 30, 1.30pm: Northumberland Show, Corbridge U12/U14/U18/111/2/131/2/AW

Thursday, June 2, 7pm: Killington Sports U12/U15/GirlsU16/13/AW

Sunday, June 5: Carlisle Vintage Society, Brisco U12/U15 Ch'ship/U18/121/2/AW

Sunday, June 12: 2pm Morpeth Fair (£800) U12/U15/U18/111/2/131/2/151/2/AW

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