Trevor's tractor factor attracting attention!

CUMBERLAND and Westmorland Wrestling had London visitors last week, but not to compete, or to sample the sweat and skill of academy action. Instead, they were looking for embroidery.

They were seeking material for an exhibition of folk art which would be shown in the Barbican Centre, London, before touring round Britain and abroad.

Previously, Tom Harrington's wrestling strip was exhibited on a wall of the Tate Gallery in London a few years ago, and this visit was a follow-up.

Of course, the embroidery motifs on the traditional wrestling strips are not in themselves traditional, but reflect the individual taste of the wrestlers and the embroiderers. One strip which particularly interested them was that of Trevor Hodgson of Dent Dale, who won the heavyweight wrestling at Grasmere last year.

Many years ago Trevor always wore a freebie T-shirt with a Massey-Ferguson tractor printed on the front. For years it stood up to the rigours of Trevor's wrestling, until it faded and tattered itself into oblivion. That could have been the end of it, but it has been reborn. Recently, he sported a new Massey Ferguson, brighter and better, on a new vest embroidered in silk.

A successful day of lectures and assessment for the CWWA Coaching Certificate at Currock House took the Association further along the road to producing properly certificated coaches. Seven candidates have now to be assessed in a real-life coaching situation to gain the first certificates.

Kendal Wrestling Academy rounded off their indoor season with a crowded Finals Night when all the points scored in the past five months were tallied up and trophies awarded.

The most significant trophy of all, that for the most points scored in all sections, went to David Parsons, who is young enough to have competed in the Under 16 Years, but has many years of experience at the Academy.

Only a single point behind him was Ben Brocklebank, who weighs in at under 6st and wrestles at Under 10 years of age. Ben is a grandson of Big Wilf Brocklebank, the dominant heavyweight wrestler in the Seventies.

Kendal academy's winter programme is now completed, but Milnthorpe Academy's indoor season is set to continue throughout April. In their latest competitions, Douglas Parsons beat Ben Hamer in the final of the Under 13 Years despite losing the first fall to a strong cross-buttock.

He tried to repeat the formula, but Parsons stopped the attack before countering by throwing Hamer over backwards. For the deciding fall, Parsons threw his opponent forward off his right hip.

In the Under 15 Years the winner, Tom Mason, had an easier time after his main threat, Simon Knight, slipped up in an early round. Once more Ben Hamer contested a final, but once more had to accept second place.

Dates: Tonight:

7.30pm CWWA agm at Penrith Rugby Club.

Tomorrow: 7.30pm, Waberthwaite Academy Open Night in the Village Hall U9/U11/U13/U15/U18,6st/8st/10st/13st/AW.

Written by © Roger Robson. Photographs by © Roger Robson, Julian Richardson or Linda Scott (May 4th 2011)

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