Paul wrestles his way to top trophy

IN summer, Cumberland and Westmorland wrestling draws large crowds round the wrestling rings but in winter, on the mats, the wrestling is just for a few cognoscenti and the wrestlers themselves.

On Wednesday night, in the Currock House gym, local wrestling was alive and well, with wrestlers from West Cumbria and Northumberland joining the townies for a night of dynamic action.

At one end of the scale, young Paul Murray, of Arlecdon, had a great night, winning two categories and figuring prominently in several other sections.

He was awarded the trophy for the best performance of the night in the junior wrestling.

Paul's technique would have pleased my father for he went for hold and then used it well, rushing his opponents forward onto their noses, or shoulders or anything else that got in the way.

Three times heavier and twice his age, Russell Housby, of Aspatria, also had a good night. He had a long wait as the youngsters and lighter wrestlers had their time but once in action, he was unbeatable.

All opponents were hoisted aloft, taken for a walk around the ring and then spun into the mats with minimum effort.

Alan Walton, of Haltwhistle, also had a good night. You have to admire the veteran wrestler, keeping the youngsters at bay, but only just.

Richard Dixon, of Lessonhall, near Wigton, took a surprise fall from him in the Round Robin, which meant that three wrestlers had to compete again. This time Walton made no mistake, culminating in a leg-up buttock which loaded up John Harrington nicely.

Next week there is no wrestling at the club, as the gym is to be re-floored, but Tom Harrington and I will be going down to Waberthwaite to see the Academy in action and then doing some coaching of their coaches as part of the move towards the CWWA Intermediate Coaching Certificate.

Meanwhile, several wrestlers have shown interest in travelling to Brittany for the Backhold Championships on March 20. Anyone who wishes to participate should contact me on 016974 73559. The entries are due soon.

Results – Carlisle Wrestling Club – Girls: 1 S Hird; 2 H Housby.

6st 1: P Murray; 2 J Wright; 3 H Housby; 4 P Gale.

7st: 1 P Murray; 2 P Gale; 3 J Wright; 4 H Housby.

81/2st: 1 W Noimai; 2 J Aitkenhead; 3 P Murray; 4 J Wright.

10st: 1 R Dixon; 2 J Aitkenhead; 3 W Noimai; 4 A Hird.

Under 12 Years: 1 D Ewart; 2 P Murray; 3 H Housby; 4 S Hird.

Under-15 Years: 1 W Noimai; 2 P Gale; 3 A Hird; 4 J Ewart.

Under-18 years: 1 John Harrington;2 R Dixon; 3 W Noimai; 4 M Harrington.

111/2st: 1 A Carlile; 2 R Dixon; 3 John Harrington.

13st: 1 A Walton; 2 John Harrington; 3 R Dixon; 4 A Carlile.

All weights: 1 R Housby; 2 John Harrington; 3 A Carlile; 4 R Dixon

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