2004 - Roger Robson's Wrestling Articles

JANUARY 2nd William Litt was the first
  9th Gripping Stuff
  16th Rugby League clubs can learn from the style of our county champions
  30th Not the worst weather for wrestling
FEBRUARY 20th We're on course to turn out some real coaches
  27th A sad loss to wrestling; Bob Clark, its greatest supporter, dies
MARCH 12th Modern day champions could hold their own against past Champions
  26th Seeds sown 30 years ago will be harvested in Salzbourg, Austria
APRIL 2nd Getting to grips with the new post
  9th Sports where time stands still
  16th Housby Stars
  30th Spring heralds our wrestling family's return
MAY 14th Is the Cumberland and Westmorland wrestling strip out-dated ?
  21st Calling all wrestling experts!
JUNE 4th Northumbrian wrestlers try to keep the Cumbrians at bay.
  11th A COLOSSUS stands astride Cumberland and Westmorland wrestling,
  18th World Champions crowned
  25th Chris leads the way with championship win
JULY 2nd Expect the unexpected was the theme at Patterdale.
  9th Sports where time stands still
  16th Champion Contenders limber up for the Under 18's Championship
AUGUST 6th Battle of Wounded Knees
  13th Housby on form in the all weights
  20th The David Atkinson Master Class at Dalston
SEPTEMBER 3rd World Champion seriously injured
  10th Callum is a veteran champion at 14
  17th Joseph Robson meets the Rocking Horse man
  24th 'Wrestling in the Rain ...............'
OCTOBER 22nd Buttermere Show
NOVEMBER 5th Harrington's four trophies
  19th "Community-based Activity in the Uplands"
  25th First Points Night of the winter season
DECEMBER 3rd Lakeland Sports Person Trophy Presentation for 2004
  10th Carlisle regain the Academy Shield
  17th Looking ahead to the Breton Backhold Championships.
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