World Champion seriously injured

TEENAGER Chris Waltons joy quickly turned to agony as he was taken to hospital having suffered a serious injury just a few minutes after being crowned world champion.

Chris, from Haltwhistle, was still in hospital yesterday awaiting a scan on a suspected ruptured kidney. The youngster, whose father Alan is a former senior champion, had just won the Boys Under 15 Years World Championship at Silloth last weekend when he was injured in the subsequent Under 18 Years competition.The fall seemed ordinary enough but Chris was obviously in severe pain and shock. He had been involved in the star bouts at Silloth with Graham Brocklebank in the semi-final of the Boys Under 15 Years World Championship. Against a stronger, heavier and skilful opponent, Chris managed to weather the storm and bring Graham down with chips which used Grahams power against himself. The final against Callum Lowry was more controlled and Chris won in straight falls. Sadly, Chris was injured shortly afterwards. Everyone wishes him a speedy and complete recovery.

In all, there were seven events in a week which tested the capacity of Cumberland and Westmorland Wrestling to put enough competitors in the various rings but all except Millom achieved enough local support to give plenty of good sport for the crowds. Amongst all the hundreds of bouts which took place, those in the championship events - the Under 15 Years at Silloth and the 11 stones at Keswick - stand out for their intensity and skill.

At Keswick, Cyril Bragg , the judge for the Guinness Trophy for the best performance, had the easiest job ever. John Harrington warmed up by winning the Under 18 Years. He then had to find his best form to wrest the 11st title and the massive silver trophy from Andrew Carlile. In the semi-final, Paul Barnes took the first fall with a back-heel but Harrington fought back with a leg-up and inside-hipe. Two ultra close bouts left the two wrestlers level. Then in the third, Harrington unleashed an inside-click from a long way back which caught Carlile as he went to twist and put him on his back.

Wrestling Round-up:

At Ennerdale, the young locals made the day and John Harrington felled Grasmere champion Rab Clark. Richard Fox took home the trophy for the best performance at the Holm Show, which his brother Andrew, now in Torquay, won last year.

Bellingham Show sent a cap round the ring and raised 40 prize-money for women's wrestling. The Breton, Albane Salaun, felled Tanya Rogers for the head prize. At Bellingham too, Alan Walton did the double, felling heavyweight Darren Whitfield en route.

Millom and Broughton Show had poor entries and the Brocklebank brothers Graham and Thomas won virtually everything.

On the Bank Holiday Monday, entries were marginally better at Muncaster where the Pendleton and Crowther brothers did well until Stephen Garnett made his first appearance this year and did the double.

John Harrington, David Atkinson and Russell Housby all won their weights at both Silloth and Keswick.


Ennerdale Show

Under 12: 1 N Richardson; 2 P Murray;3 M Smith.

Under 15: 1 H Chapman; 2 W Noimai; 3 J Graves.

Under 18: 1 John Harrington; 2 Joe Harrington; 3 W Noimai.

12½ st: 1 John Harrington; 2 R Clark; 3 M le Marre. All Weights: 1 R Housby; 2 C Clark; 3 R Clark.

Holm Show, Newcastleton

Under 13: 1 A Brough; 2 F Robb; 3 D Mallinson.

Under 15: 1 A Howieson; 2 J Beattie; 3 A Hepburn.

Under 18: 1, John Harrington; 2 S Brough; 3 Joe Harrington.

12½ st: 1 R Fox; 2 D Courteaux; 3 John Harrington.

All Weights: 1 D Whitfield; 2 R Housby; 3 John Harrington.

Bellingham Show

Women's Challenge: 1 A Salaun; 2, T Rogers.

Under 12: 1 S Grant; 2, G Robson; 3, R Morland.

Under 16: 1 Joe Harrington; 2 C Walton; 3 C Bird.

Novices 1: R Armstrong; 2, C Walton; 3, M Dixon.

12st: 1 John Harrington; 2 J Pattinson; 3 M Dixon.

14st: 1 A Walton; 2 John Harrington; 3 A Rutherford.

All Weights: 1 A Walton;2 John Harrington; 3 D Whitfield.

Millom & Broughton Show

Under 12: 1 J Porter; 2 W Hayhust; 3 J Hayhust.

Under 15: 1 G Brocklebank; 2 S Wilkinson; 3 A Mason.

Under 16: 1 G Brocklebank; 2 A Mason; 3 S Wilkinson.

Under 18: 1 S Fell; 2 G Brocklebank; 3 A Mason.

12st: 1 G Brocklebank; 2 S Wilkinson.

All Weights: 1 T Brocklebank; 2 J Lowery; 3 M Stephenson.

Silloth Carnival

Under 12: 1 A Hird; 2 S Graham; 3 R Williamson.

Under 15 Championship:1 C Walton; 2 C Lowry; 3 G Brocklebank.

Under 18: 1 John Harrington; 2 G Brocklebank; 3 R Walton.

11st: 1 John Harrington; 2 J Pattinson; 3 R Walton.

13st: 1 D Atkinson; 2 M Messer; 3 A Walton.

All Weights: 1 R Housby; 2 T Brocklebank; 3 D Atkinson.

Keswick Show

Under 12: 1 A Hird; 2, J Beresford; 3, C Ridley.

Under 15: 1 G Brocklebank; 2 G Farrell; 3 J Clark.

Girls Under 15: 1 E Doolan; 2 A Scott; 3 L Rice.

Under 18:1 John Harrington; 2 Joe Harrington; 3 C Lowry.

Women's Open: 1 J Charters; 2 M Brocklebank; 3 L Shepherd.

11st Championship: 1 John Harrington; 2 A Carlile; 3 P Barnes.

13st: 1 D Atkinson; 2 Joe Harrington; 3 John Harrington.

All Weights: 1 R Housby; 2 John Harrington; 3 T Brocklebank. Guinness Trophy: John Harrington


Under 12: 1 J Porter; 2 M Dickinson; 3 A Chapman.

Under 15: 1 P Pendleton;2 H Chapman; 3 M Longworth.

Under 18: 1 J Pendleton; 2 T Crowther; 3 S Pritt.

10½ st: 1 T Crowther; 2 P Pendleton; 3 J Pendleton.

12½ st: 1 S Garnett; 2 R Benn; 3 S Crowther.

All Weights: 1 S Garnett; 2 R Lowery; 3 T Crowther


September 4th (Sat) 3.15pm Hesket Newmarket U12/U15yrs/8st Ch'ship/U18/121/2

2.30pm Harbottle Boys/Novices/12/AW

3pm Lowick U15/U18/121/2/AW

September 5th (Sun) 1.45pm Wolsingham U15/U18/11/12st Ch'ship/14/AW

September 9th (Thu) 3.30pm Westmorland Show U15/U18/11/12/13/14/AW

September 12th (Sun) Stanhope

(Sun) Whitfield

September 16th (Thu) Loweswater

Written by © Roger Robson. Photographs by © Roger Robson, Julian Richardson or Linda Scott (May 4th 2011)

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