Housby on form in the all weights

THE two related families the Hodgsons and the Brocklebanks have enough wrestlers both male and female, young and old (sorry, Trevor) to have their own Academy. At Ings and Kirkby Lonsdale they took the lion's share of the prizemoney, except that John Harrington at Ings and his cousin Joe at Kirkby Lonsdale both won junior and senior classes. And Russell Housby, another from Carlisle Wrestling Club, took the heavyweights at Ings.

Housby, fully recovered from an ankle injury which kept him away from the ring at the start of the season, is coming into his own in the All Weight classes. At Powburn, his final with Richard Younger of Ponteland was a grand finale to some excellent wrestling. Younger took the first fall with a slight lift and a twist off the chest like a junior McNamara. Housby steadied the ship, gained a good hold and took Younger forward off the right side, twice.

The 14st final at Powburn was also a peach. David Atkinson found that he could not hipe Andrew Carlile going forward, so he converted to a lock hipe to win. In the second bout he again tried twice to dispatch Carlile with his favourite right side hipe, but Carlile rode all that he could throw at him and countered with his own swinging hipe. Third time lucky? Atkinson loaded Carlile onto his hip and hiped him at last.

Young wrestlers ruled the roost at Gilsland. Richard Walton won the Under 17 Years and then back-heeled his fatherAlan Walton in the first round of the All Weights. Dad recovered to take the next two. When John Harrington and Richard Fox are in the same draw you can expect some top class sport. But there was also an extra ingredient at Gilsland when Kevin Fox proved unbeatable in the All Weights.



Under 12 Years 1, B Brocklebank; 2, J Batts; 3, D Leacock. Under 15 Years 1, G Brocklebank; 2, B Brocklebank; 3, J Cumbie.

Under 18 Years 1, John Harrington; 2, G Brocklebank; 3, J Cumbie.

12st 1, John Harrington; 2, I Honeyman; 3, Joe Harrington.

All Weights 1, R Housby; 2, John Harrington 3, M Cumbie.


Under 10 Years 1, R Cuthbert; 2, T Pennie; 3, W Biggs.

Under 13 Years 1, R Cuthbert; 2, T Pennie 3, L Sutherland.

Under 16 Years 1, Joe Harrington; 2, C Lowry; 3, R Stevenson.

11st 1, A Carlile; 2, John Harrington 3, C Lowry. 14st 1, D Atkinson; 2, A Carlile; 3, R Cockburn.

All Weights 1, R Housby; 2, R Younger; 3, D Atkinson.


Under 13 Years 1, K McGrath; 2, R Coates; 3, M Palmer.

Under 17 Years 1, R Walton; 2, Joe Harrington; 3, R Palmer.

11st 1, John Harrington; 2, J Pattinson; 3, R Walton.

All Weights 1, K Fox; 2, John Harrington; 3, R Fox.


Under 13 Years 1, M Goldsworthy; 2, D Crane; 3, M Crane.

Under 15 Years 1, M Goldsworthy; 2, W Noimai; 3, D Crane.

Under 18 Years 1, R Younger; 2, A Poole 3, John Harrington.

12st 1, John Harrington; 2, Joe Harrington 3, J Pattinson.

14st 1, R Leiper; 2, R Alston; 3, John Harrington.

All Weights 1, R Younger; 2, W Davy; 3, R Leiper.

Kirkby Lonsdale:

Under 12 Years 1, S Brocklebank; 2, W Hayhurst; 3, J Hodgson.

Under 15 Years 1, G Brocklebank; 2, S Wilkinson; 3, W Noimai.

Under 18 Years 1, Joe Harrington; 2, D Parsons; 3, S Wilkinson.

13st 1, Joe Harrington; 2, G Brocklebank; 3, S Wilkinson.

All Weights 1, Trevor Hodgson; 2, Joe Harrington; 3, T Brocklebank.

Ladies 1, M Brocklebank; 2, H Hodgson; 3, Tracey Hodgson


Tomorrow: 12 noon Dalston, U12/U15/U18/11/13st Championship/AW

Sunday: 2.30pm Lakeland Country Fair, Torver U12/U15/U18/11/13/AW

August 21st: Allendale 4pm Skelton U13/U16/U18/11/13/AW

August 22nd: 11am Grasmere Boys U12/U15/U18 Girls U15/U18 Men 11/12/13/14/AW Women 10/AW (£2,033 prize money)

August 25th: Ennerdale

Written by © Roger Robson. Photographs by © Roger Robson, Julian Richardson or Linda Scott (May 4th 2011)

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