The Barnes Brothers

THERES nothing like this for the kids down at Oldham, said John Brown's parents as they watched their lad take second place in the Under 15 Years wrestling at Great Langdale. The boys' entries had wrestlers from the academies at Milnthorpe and Carlisle, as well as local lads and visitors from the likes of Oldham. The final of the youngest age group - the -under-12 Years - saw Milnthorpe in the shape of Jack Lashley fell Carlisle's Daniel Ewart with strong crosses.

The final of the Under-15 Years saw local lad, Graham Benson, of Skelwith, beat the Oldham visitor, John Brown, with powerful back-heels.

After that it was the Barnes brothers who had all the success. They now live at Dearham after training at Carlisle over several years. Little brother David is smaller in years and much bigger in physique than big brother Paul (if you know what I mean?) so he easily won the Under-18 Years and the Senior All Weights with hipes and rushes.

Paul Barnes continued the good form he displayed at Patterdale last week with wins at both 11st and 13st. He is a quick -moving, skilful wrestler and he cut through the opposition with ease until he met little/big brother David in the All Weights final when weight proved more effective than seniority.

The number of wrestling events in Lancashire had been halved by the demise of the Lancaster Show, leaving only Great Eccleston to carry the wrestling flag, but tomorrow sees the revival of wrestling at the Longridge Show, near Preston.


Great Langdale

U-12: 1 J Lashley; 2 D Ewart; 3 S Lashley.

U-15: 1 G Benson; 2 J Brown; 3 A Parsons.

U-18: 1 D Barnes; 2 Joe Harrington;3 J Wright.

11st: 1 P Barnes; 2 G Benson.

13st 1: P Barnes; 2 Joe Harrington;3 J Wright.

All Weights: 1D Barnes; 2 P Barnes;3 Joe Harrington.


Tomorrow 3.30pm: Longridge, Near Preston U13/U16/11/14/AW.

Sunday 2pm: Haltwhistle Carnival U15/U18/Novices/11/13/AW

Saturday July 17: Cumberland Show (U18yrs Championship)

Sunday July 18: Great Eccleston Show

Written by © Roger Robson. Photographs by © Roger Robson, Julian Richardson or Linda Scott (May 4th 2011)

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