World champions crowned

TWO new champions have silverware to polish after last week's wrestling: Jason Davidson of Rothbury became 15st World Champion at the Roman Wall Show, and John Harrington of Bewaldeth gained his first senior title, the 10 World Championship at Morpeth Fair.

The Roman Wall Show, perched on a ridge by the Wall beside crags and loughs, had a vintage year with big crowds ringing the sheep show, the terriers and the wrestling. The standard for the wrestling was set in the first boys event when Callum Lowry, growled and struggled to fell Richard Armstrong in the final of the Under 15 Years. Despite all Lowry's efforts Armstrong seemed to have it won until a wayward knee twice touched down for a dog fall and then a loss. The clinching fall, though, was entirely Lowry's own work when he connected with a timely inside-click. The warm-up for the championship continued with Richard Younger twisting strongly to fell Richard Fox. Andrew Carlile gave a hiping demonstration in the final of the 11 stones, but David Atkinson then gave a master-class on the subject in the 131/2 stones.

The championship brought together some substantial wrestlers from Kendal, Carlisle and Northumberland, and the eventual winner, Jason Davidson, sampled all of these. In the first round he won by countering the attacks of Carlisle's David Jamieson with neat twists. In the semi-final Kendal's Joseph Robson, the 14st champion, was twice rushed forward off the buttock. The final with Robert Leiper of Stamfordham, Northumberland, continued the theme of reactive wrestling when Davidson back-heeled Leiper when he stepped in to hipe. The fall which clinched the title was as complicated as it gets. Davidson made his first mistake of the competition when he stepped right across the front of Leiper into a suicide position. In the resulting flurry of action Leiper twisted the wrong way and then it was twist on spinning twist until Davidson reached for miles with a cross-buttock that brought Leiper cleanly over.

The judges awarded the salver for the best performance of the afternoon, too. Then the next day at Morpeth Fair, Davidson continued his purple patch by winning both the 15 stones and the All Weights. The main drama at Morpeth Fair took place before the actual wrestling when John Harrington was madly running round the park dressed like a latter day punk in a black bin-bag, trying to make the weight for the 10 Championship. When he lost the first fall against the holder, Andrew Carlile, all that effort seemed futile, but he struck back with an extraordinary fall: a leg-up buttock from a long way off which caught Carlile's shin rather than splitting the legs. In theory it should not be possible, but his father did the same to me in a Grasmere final in 1980, so it must be. In the final, against Jonjo Pattinson of Bardon Mill, Harrington had full control. He hiped and back-heeled for the first fall and then twisted back for the winner when Pattinson stepped across to buttock.


Roman Wall Show

Under 15 Years 1, C Lowry; 2, R Armstrong; 3, C Ridley.

Under 18 Years 1, R Younger; 2, R Fox; 3, R Armstrong.

11st 1, A Carlile; 2, J Pattinson; 3, C Lowry.

13 1, D Atkinson; 2, A Carlile; 3, A Walton.

15st World Championship 1, J Davidson 2, R Leiper; 3, J Robson

Morpeth Fair

Under 12 Years 1, S Turner; 2, M Robinson.

Under 15 Years 1, R Armstrong; 2, M Harrington; 3, S Geagan.

Under 18 Years 1, R Younger 2, R Armstrong; 3, John Harrington.

10st World Championship 1, John Harrington; 2, J Pattinson; 3, A Carlile.

13st 1, A Jones; 2, John Harrington; 3, A Carlile.

15st 1, J Davidson; 2, R Leiper; 3, A Jones.

All Weights 1, J Davidson; 2, D Whitfield; 3, R Younger.


Saturday, June 19, 2pm Kirkheaton U12/U15/U18/12/15/AW

Sunday, June 27 2pm Patterdale U12/U15/U18/11/13/AW

Written by © Roger Robson. Photographs by © Roger Robson, Julian Richardson or Linda Scott (May 4th 2011)

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