CALLING all wrestling experts!

There may sometimes be a shortage of them competing but there always seem to be plenty round the ring.

For the active wrestlers, the grass season is poised to start tomorrow, with Sedbergh Gala and the North Cumbria YFC Field Day at Cockermouth. In the next five weeks, there will be no fewer than nine wrestling events, including the All Weights Championship at Killington on June 3, and a busy weekend ten days later when the 15st Championship is at the Roman Wall Show on Saturday June 12 and the 10.5st Championship at Morpeth on Sunday June 12 .For the armchair wrestlers - the past champions - there is a rare chance to demonstrate their expertise as the Wrestling Association is seeking their help to produce a coaching handbook.

The main book in loose-leaf form will be the work of a select few, with each section covering a basic chip before branching out into combinations and counters. But those behind the project also want to involve as many old and contemporary wrestlers in the development of the handbook as possible. So, what pattern of footwork did you use when you came in to hipe? How did you throw out the hank? What was your answer to a back-heel? The CWWA development committee will be pro-active in circulating past and present wrestlers for a response but a comprehensive list is not available, so unsolicited expertise is needed.

If you want to help, contact me, Roger Robson (tel:016974 73559)


Saturday May 22: Sedbergh Gala (1.55pm) U15/U18/12.5AW.

Saturday May 22: North Cumbria YFC Field Day at Cockermouth.

Monday, May 31, Northumberland Show, Corbridge (1.30pm)

U14/U18/111/2/13/AW (300)

Thursday June 3 Killington Sports including AW World Championship

Written by © Roger Robson. Photographs by © Roger Robson, Julian Richardson or Linda Scott (May 4th 2011)

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