Housby Stars

A BATTERED and bruised team of five young men returned from the European Espoirs Wrestling Championships in Bruck, Austria earlier this week.

Heavyweight Russell Housby of Aspatria had been the star wrestler, coming second in the Gouren style and winning the backhold section. In a thrilling final he took on an Austrian even bigger than himself. The Austrian's buttocking brought early success, but Housby fought back to level terms at two falls each by rushing his man forward as he came to buttock. In the decider he was even more decisive, for he lifted his nineteen stone opponent high and twisted back for a famous victory. His success was an example of mind over matter, for he was wrestling with a badly sprained ankle that needed plaster and wheelchair treatment to get him home.

The Barnes brothers from Dearham were also suffering from injuries. Paul did well to compete at all for he travelled with a hand injury. Gouren, with the need to grip a canvas jacket was impossible, but he competed well in the backhold, to be beaten in the final by his team-mate John Harrington. David Barnes only had two wrestles, for he dislocated his little finger and was unable to carry on. Richard Dixon of Lessonhall, Wigton, was the youngest competitor, and found the opposition strong. In a Gouren bout he did well to gain a Kostin which is a high quality throw. He came home unscathed and enthused by the whole international experience.

John Harrington on his first trip abroad did well to win his group. Against older, strong wrestlers he withstood their buttocking and hanking, to win with back-heels and hipes.

Andrew Carlile has to be applauded for the way he prepared the young wrestlers and wore so many hats in Austria as coach, judge, delegate, and medical attendant

Written by © Roger Robson. Photographs by © Roger Robson, Julian Richardson or Linda Scott (May 4th 2011)

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