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I DID not need my physics teacher to tell me that if you stand with two feet in a bucket, you cannot lift yourself off the ground by the handle. Yet this is the trick that the Wrestling Association is trying to do when it develops its coaching qualifications for Cumberland and Westmorland Wrestling from scratch. Without any qualified coaches in the sport, who will act as assessors for the first people to qualify? Of course, there is no shortage of wrestling expertise, so the obvious answer is to tap the experience in the governing board to provide the "grandfathers' rights" to start the ball rolling.

The first course of all for the CWWA Basic Coaching Certificate takes place at Currock House on Sunday, March 14, and in the afternoon course-members will have to demonstrate that they can instruct others in the basic elements of wrestling. That involves Taking hold and the basic rules of winning and losing, back-heel, inside-click, outside-stroke, inside hipe, outside hipe, cross-buttock and full buttock. The course is deliberately being kept at a basic level.

The sophistication of combinations of chips and counters will be part of the higher level courses which are yet to be developed. "Give me a fulcrum on which to rest and I will move the earth" said Archimedes, so the Wrestling Association has hired a fulcrum for the morning session. This consists of a sports coach UK workshop, good practice and child protection, provided by Sport Cumbria. Participation leads to a nationally recognised attendance certificate recognised by the NSPCC. The combination of imported expertise and home-grown knowledge should form a solid foundation for this ground-breaking step for the Wrestling Association. Yet, the most important part of the day may well be the final, plenary session, when participants will be able to have their say about what is needed in the next stages.

Anyone wishing for more information should contact me on 016974 73559

Written by © Roger Robson. Photographs by © Roger Robson, Julian Richardson or Linda Scott (May 4th 2011)

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